What We Do

Growing Roots was set up in July 2013 with the aim of promoting physical and emotional health and developing cognitive, numeracy and social skills through horticultural activities.  


We work with children, their families and young people by planning programmes which adapt horticultural activities to an individual’s needs and skills ensuring that that person experiences success which leads to feelings of self-esteem.  We ensure that activities are meaningful and fun.  

Activities are adapted to:

  • different environments: indoor table-top activities,  outdoor container-growing, outdoor allotment-type space;
  • different resources: fast-germinating vegetables and flowers, reliable growing plants, plants that have scents and different textures and tastes to stimulate the senses, adapted tools;
  • different approaches: each activity can be broken down into manageable tasks, reverse-chaining for those with sequencing difficulties.

Media Reports

Talk on Glastonbury FM
Wells Journal 19th March 2015