IMG_3233.jpgNovember was bulb planting month at the school. This is the right time of the year for this activity and the gardeners from Year 3 had the added incentive of planting something that will be in bloom for Christmas - or just after! They carefully placed hyacinths in glass jars. This is great as there is quick feedback as the roots can be seen growing down into the water after a week or so of being kept in the dark. Hyacinths were also planted in pots of compost to give as presents. Sifting compost and spooning it into pots and cups is very therapeutic and great fun.


Earlier in the month, using bulbs and planters donated by Dobbies, daffodils were planted in the orchard - something to look forward to early in the spring term. Great team work here as the children helped each other. This activity helps develop gross motor skills, muscle strength and stamina.

Fine motor skills were practised when we planted garlic cloves and onion sets. As birds tend to upend these scarecrows were made. The children really enjoyed this and it gave opportunity to develop creativity and self esteem.

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