Below are some pictures from recent intergeneration activity days at the Lawrence Centre in Wells.

 Lawrence01.jpg  Lawrence02.jpg  Lawrence03.jpg
 Lawrence04.jpg  Lawrence05.jpg  Lawrence06.jpg

Both older and younger people gained from the interacting with each other and working together.Communication is easier while doing a practical task together.




At the Short Breaks taster day in Langport recently we asked everyone who visited our stand to choose their favourite herb by smell. Rosemary was the favoured herb closely followed by lavender.Basil seems to be the “marmite “ of herbs: people either love it or hate it!

Our living wall at Hillmead suffered a little during the recent hot weather but herbs have been replaced. Fortunately, the torrential rain stopped during the afternoon so that planting and taking part in a treasure hunt organised the PCSO could take place. Water from the puddles came in use for watering the living wall as we weren’t able to access any mains water that day.

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