Signs of growth ....... and experiencing success!

Green shoots in the orchard and from the daffodils that were planted in November....


... and from the garlic and onions...


Hyacinths on the classroom windowsills are starting to flower too....

Broad beans and peas were sown in pots. They will be kept inside until ready to harden off. Numeracy skills were used in measuring planting depths.


We made labels from yogurt pots - a tip recommended in Winter 2013's issue of Country Gardener - great for creative recycling.

Making lavender bags is a thought of as being a therapeutic activity as lavender is known for its relaxing properties. Its fragrance stimulates memories, which can be especially beneficial for older people who are experiencing memory loss. However unhappy memories may also be triggered. Also there may be negative sensory overload in those sensitive to smell.


The cheerful pinks, yellows, reds and blues of polyanthus offer welcome colour at this time of year in containers. The planting done by the Young Roots gardening club outside the classrooms has lifted the spirits of other pupils and parents walking past, who have made many positive comments.


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