Growing Roots @ Catsham, near Boltonsbourgh

The Lottery have funded a project with young adults at Catsham.  First the land had to be cleared.     Catsham polytunnel plot before.png

Then a polytunnel constructed.

Catsham Polytunnel errection.png  Catsham Polytunnel completed.png

Aims of the project

  • Learn Vegetable growing skills
  • Gain an introduction to business skills through creating items for sale
  • Gain increased social, emotional and physical well-being

Our first young adult…  Catsham Young Adults.png 

Taking vegetables to sell at the gate  First produce sales.jpg

Catsham Hand cart.png

The soil is perfect for growing herbs and vegetables…   Lush herbs and vegetables.png

…. and flowers…   Sunflowers.png


Demonstrating how to make salves  Arthur salve making.png

Our new tool storage area  Tool storage.png

new compost bins  Compost heaps.png


Wreath-making day with young adults from Somerset Youth…

Wreath making.png Wreath making0.png Wreath making1.png Wreath making2.png