Growing Roots works with children, families and young people on therapeutic horticultural projects in the community and in schools in the Mendip area of Somerset. We are a not-for-profit organisation.

Gardening activities are tailored to meet individual needs whether social, emotional, physical or cognitive.

  • We work with residents of social housing and young people to create gardens.
  • We facilitate intergenerational horticultural projects
  • We work with children and young people in schools and the community to help raise self-esteem through horticulture.

Visit our project page for photos and details of past projects.

 November 2020 Update

Welcome to Growing Roots.   Our team have been involved in other gardening-related work over the past two years. However we are planning a new therapeutic gardening project in the community for 2021.

We are still gardening at Abbeyfield.  The garden is looking lovely and has been particularly important this year for residents during the first Lockdown. 

Below is a photo of Abbeyfield’s new greenhouse last autumn.  It’s been great for growing tomatoes this year and sowing sweet peas, sunflowers, zinnias  and wallflowers.

 Abbeyfield Nov 2020.png

We have had to remove our Contact Us page on this website for the time being to stop the influx of unwanted emails that we were receiving.